At Appalachian Christian Village, Jobs Can Become Lifelong Careers.

Nursing, hospitality and other opportunities in Johnson City, TN.

Meet Aaron from nursing. He drove up a Tennessee mountain through a raging blizzard to rescue a teammate’s three-year-old grandson, left alone when her husband died suddenly. Meet Catherine the cook and Cindy, the dining room manager, who helped Assisted Living residents get up, dressed and ready for breakfast when a snowstorm kept regular staff from getting in. Those tasks weren’t their jobs. They were their calling. From nursing to housekeeping, you’ll find Johnson City neighbors who share that belief.

If those are the kind of people who inspire you, if you’re that kind of person, we want to meet you. If you have the experience, the credentials and the heart—if you love to learn and grow professionally and personally—we have the compensation package, benefits and opportunities to match.

Your time is the most generous gift you can give. There are many ways to give back at Appalachian Christian Village. Perhaps you have a special skill or hobby. Or you enjoy reading a soothing story to residents in the Health Care Center. Or you’d just enjoy helping out on a team of upbeat, energetic people who can become great friends. Give us a little of your time. Reap wonderful rewards.

Please consider joining our community as a volunteer. It feels good to know you made someone smile.